Why invest in custom-made garments?

Updated: Feb 9

Custom-made clothes are often underestimated and their potential is usually overlooked, however, times are constantly changing and custom-made clothes are making a come-back to help you look good while saving money. That's right! SAVE money!

When one first hears the words “custom-made” or “tailor-made” it has an association of luxury and out-of-budget costs, however, in today’s world custom made clothes are started to make a comeback as people have started to realise that custom-made garments are not always luxury items and can be quite affordable. In fact, choosing to have custom-made clothes is often an investment for the future and can save money in the future. Here are several reasons as to why we would recommend having your clothes custom-made.

1. Your unique fit

Everyone has a unique body shape that is individual and different to everyone else. Off-the-rack clothes often only provide garments for a few body types and even then, it is not made to fit perfectly. Having your clothes fit you perfectly not only allows for comfort and ease of mobility, but it also assists in making your figure look as flattering as possible. We believe all women should feel comfortable in their own skin; therefore, we encourage custom-made garments as they highlight your beautiful features making your natural beauty and confidence shine through.

2. Personalisation

Commercial clothes often only come in one or two different colours, however, if you are working with a designer and seamstress you are able to have your own pick of patterns, colours and accessories to go with the outfit. For example, one dress can be changed several times by making simple variations in each garment such as adjusting the colour, length, style, material or pattern. From one item of clothing, you are able to create very versatile styles that are best able to match your personal style and essence. The added bonus is that garment will be an absolute one-of-a-kind and like nothing found in stores.

3. Durability

Designers know which are the best materials for each type of garment, as well as knowing the specific stitching techniques and stitches per inch. Using only the best materials makes the clothes much more durable and will allow it to last in the long run. Custom-made garments are an investment for the future as the clothes you have custom-made will often last longer, stretch less and fade less that store-bought clothes. The initial price may seem high at first, however, these high-quality garments will decrease the total money spent on clothes as there are less purchases that take place.

4. Time and effort saver

Once you know what your measurements are you can simply talk with your designer about your preferred fabrics, cuts and styles which reduces the time you spend walking around in malls looking for clothes that are made for a more general fit. Finding a dress, or any outfit for that matter, is much easier when working with a design team such as the Fashion Atelier Brooklyn.